Commercial Collections

Early identification and timely placement of your Business to Business (B2B) collection accounts is the key to a successful recovery. We have the experience and tools necessary to collect your commercial debts.

Consumer Collections

We understand the importance of abiding by the Fair Debit Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This set of guidelines, while strict, ensures that all consumers are treated with dignity and respect they deserve while allowing us to maintain our assertive approach.

Medical Collections

LBCC understands the need to maintain the privacy of your patients information and medical history. Our experienced collectors strive to preserve the patients relationship with your medical office,while also providing a results driven approach to the recovery of your lost profits.


Placements for litigation is decided on a per account basis through a careful evaluation of assets, garnishments, ability, and credit reports. If we think it is cost effective to file suit on your behalf, we will seek your authorization to pursue legally. You always have the final decision on filing a suit.

Small Business Collections

Small Businesses are the life blood the American Economy. Entrepreneurs and firms with less than a 100 workers or less compromise 98% of all employers in the United States. We understand the need for repeat business and can tailor our approach to both collect your unpaid receivables as well as ensure customer retention.

Tenant Collections

Whether you utilize a property management company or handle your rental properties on your own, tenants who owe back rent or have damaged your property, can be extremely frustrating. Let our experienced collectors pursue your bad tenants, while you focus on re-renting the property.


LBCC has a multitude of options for achieving maximum recovery. With our utility collection services, you are able to focus your time and energy on providing a quality service. Our collections team are highly trained in both effective collection strategies and skip tracing that can and will enhance your accounts receivables recoveries.